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License Agreement for AIMAll (Version 19.10.12)

Downloading, installing or using "AIMAll (Version 19.10.12)" requires and constitutes acknowledgement of and agreement to the following:
  1. "AIMAll (Version 19.10.12)" is provided by Todd A. Keith (Doing Business As "TK Gristmill Software") "AS-IS", without any expressed or implied warranties of any kind.
  2. Todd A. Keith (TAK) disclaims all implied warranties including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
  3. Neither "AIMAll (Version 19.10.12)" nor any of its components may be sold, redistributed, repackaged, bundled, copied, modified, disassembled or reverse engineered in any form, either in whole or in part, without the explicit, written consent of TAK.
  4. While TAK believes "AIMAll (Version 19.10.12)" to be useful, TAK makes no guarantees of any kind about the fitness of "AIMAll (Version 19.10.12)" for any purpose, its compatibility with or effect on any computer hardware or software, or the reliability or accuracy of any results it produces.
  5. In no event shall TAK be held liable for any damages of any kind arising directly or indirectly from the download, installation or use of "AIMAll (Version 19.10.12)".
  6. "AIMAll (Version 19.10.12)" operates either in AIMAll Professional mode or AIMAll Standard mode depending upon the presence of a valid aimallpro.lic file in the main AIMAll directory.
  7. The AIMAll Standard operating mode is the default mode.  It does not require an aimallpro.lic file and is free of charge, though registration is requested.   The AIMAll Standard operating mode imposes a limit on the size of the molecular wavefunction data that can be used for running multi-processor calculations and for generating visualization-related data files (*.*viz) by AIMQB, AIMExt, AIMInt and AIMSum, and displaying them with AIMStudio.  This limit is 12 or fewer atoms and 400 or fewer primitive basis functions.  AIMAll Standard also imposes a limit of 3 wavefunctions per batch job when using AIMQB in GUI mode.  Depending on the evolution of AIMAll, future versions of AIMAll may impose other limits on the AIMAll Standard operating mode.
  8. The AIMAll Professional operating mode does not impose any multi-processor limits, visualization limits or other limits on the size of the molecular wavefunction data.  AIMAll Professional does not impose any limits on the number of wavefunctions per batch job when using AIMQB in GUI mode.  In order for AIMAll to operate in AIMAll Professional mode on a computer, either a valid aimallpro.lic file containing a computer-specific (node locked) AIMAll Professional license key must be present in the main AIMAll directory or a valid pair of AIMAll Professional site license files must be present in the AIMAll directory.  AIMAll Professional licenses must be purchased.

Copyright © 1997-2019 by Todd A. Keith