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Registration for AIMAll

To obtain AIMAll, please register by sending an EMail message with the subject Register to  Please include your name, your location and your institution or company affiliation in the body of your message.

Usually within a few hours, the information necessary to download AIMAll will be sent as a reply to your registration EMail message.

Please note that your registration information is considered private and will not be shared with any 3rd party.

Before registering, please review the README, the License Agreement and the Issues and Tips for AIMAll.

Please note that updates to the AIMAll package are frequently made available on the AIMAll website.  It is assumed that those interested in the latest version of AIMAll will check the Version History on the AIMAll website and download it if interested.  The information (i.e., Username and Password) necessary for Registered users to download AIMAll will not change without notification.

Copyright © 1997-2019 by Todd A. Keith